Sunday, March 20, 2005

Palm Sunday

Today is the day to collect your palms to make palm crosses.
Here are some instructions. I will take digital pictures this afternoon, as my children and I go into major cross-folding mode and post them. If you want, email me using my email link under my "profile" and I will send you my address -- if you send me a SASE, I will give you a handful. I use them as bookmarks in my Bible, as a reminder of how the glory of Palm Sunday is so rapidly swallowed up into the sorrow of Good Friday, as Christmas Tree ornaments and then I burn them on Ash Wednesday and apply them as ashes during worship. They go from flexiable to dry and brittle, which represents to me what can happen to Christians if we are not intentional about staying fresh and alive in the Word of God.

I also remember my friend V, who died 3 years ago on Palm Sunday in a car accident. V was the person who taught me how to make them. I will never forget him. I wrote about him here.


It's later. Here are some pictures. I hope they help. Click to enlarge.

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