Friday, June 15, 2007

Lessons Learned

1. An appendix can hurt more than active labor.
2. It can take longer to recover from an appendectomy than childbirth.
3. Make sure I tell the anesthesiologist that I tend to be "fiesty." Seems I tried to walk from the operating room to recovery...
4. I don't like oxygen masks. My first word in recovery was "cannula" (as I was ripping the mask off....)
5. Tell everyone it's OK to tie me down. Really.
6. I don't like being a patient.

Actually, it was my sister who insisted that I go to the hospital. I was in the operating room just a scant few hours later. If it weren't for her, I probably wouldn't have gone until it burst, so she saved me a bunch of fuss and bother. For some reason I got called stubborn.

OK, I'm tired now. Please continue in prayer, OK?

Oh, and Jen? Picture 138 will most definitely NOT be a scar. Really.

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