Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Long time, No blog.

Between the two churches, the kids, the homeschooling, cello lessons, violin lessons, homeschool academies, orchestras, doctor appointments, karate, Tai Chi and all the other things I fill my time with, it's not too surprising....

I've started knitting. I'm getting great pleasure from it. I'm using looms and am looking forward to the two needle version.

I've purchased my own cello. I have had a couple of lessons. I find it calming. I'm also practicing some jazz piano; mostly the blues.

I'm working on the decluttering projects; I consider them more of "life improvement" projects. There has been progress made; much still needs to be done. I'm considering giving away my entire fabric stash. Yes, the whole thing. I may keep one milk crate because that seems so very radical -- a quilter who is giving away 25 years of stash... but if I haven't used it in 25 years, it's time to go. I'm still working on the book sale idea; it is getting closer to realization. The more of this clutter that I give away, the more liberating it feels.

Perhaps that is what is happening with the blogging as well. I wrote a long time ago about how some of my life changes are like moving the deck chairs of the Titanic -- just moving the furniture around -- not real systemic change.* Life is changing on a different level now. Where things will settle down, I don't really know.

*Wow. That was like, 5 plus years ago. Wow.

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