Monday, September 19, 2011

Talk Like a Pirate Day - the Text for the Week

When he be enterin' th' temple, th' chief priests 'n th' elders 'o th' people came to him as he was teachin', 'n said, "By what authority be ye doin' these thin's, 'n who gave ye 'tis authority?" Jesus said to them, "I gunna also ask ye one inquiry; if ye be tellin' me th' answer, then I gunna also be tellin' ye by what authority I do these thin's.

Did th' baptism 'o Johny-boy come from heaven, or was it 'o human origin?" 'n they argued wit' one another, "If we shout, 'From heaven,' he gunna shout to us, 'Why then did ye not believe him?' But if we shout, ''o human origin,' we be a-feared 'o th' crowd; fer all regard Johny-boy as a prophet."

So they answered Jesus, "We do not be knowin'." 'n he said to them, "Neither gunna I be tellin' ye by what authority I be doin' these thin's.

"What do ye think? A scurvy dog had a pair sons; he went to th' first 'n said, 'Son, be off 'n set the sails in th' vineyard this day.' He answered, 'I gunna not'; but later he changed his mind 'n went. Th' salty sea-dog 'o a father went to th' second 'n said th' same; 'n he answered, 'I be off, matey'; but he did not be off.

Which 'o th' a pair did th' gunna 'o his salty sea-dog 'o a father?" They said, "th' first." Jesus said to them, "Truly I be tellin' ye, th' tax collectors 'n th' prostitutes be goin' into th' kin'dom 'o God ahead 'o ye. fer Johny-boy came to ye in th' way 'o righteousness 'n ye did not believe him, but th' tax collectors 'n th' prostitutes believed him; 'n even after ye saw it, ye did not change ye minds 'n believe him.

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