Monday, January 02, 2012

Written Three Years Ago

On December 30, 2008
The central thesis for my "Theology of Space" is indeed this -- Unless the exterior life reflects the interior and the interior live reflects the exterior, you live in a cognitive dissonance; you are living in conflict. I have absolutely no problem spending an hour or two a day in contemplation and prayer, attending to my interior life. However, I don't spend that time working on the total exterior life; my physical shape, my grooming habits, my living spaces and my creative nature. So that will be my goal this year -- either to become a complete intellectual, spiritual and emotional slob or to get my exterior life in line with my interior.

How well am I doing? Much the same as I did last year, I have made progress, but I'm still in progress - I'm not finished yet. And I am more convinced that it's like painting the Golden Gate Bridge - a continual process and by the time you reach "the end" it's time to go back to the beginning and start all over.

As I preached yesterday - I did pretty well on "Project Order from Chaos" for quite a while. I gave away dozens and dozens of items. I am sure by the end of the year, it was way over the 1460 items I had hoped for however I lost track by the time we moved in June.

This year, I resolve to do much the same: to take better care of my physical being and my exterior life so that it is in line with my inner life. So Project Order from Chaos begins again - transformed to "do" 4 random things a day that create order from chaos: cleaning, sorting, repurposing, recycling, disposing of , throwing away, burning or giving away 4 things a day. With God's help, I will attempt to make Order from Chaos!

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