Sunday, April 23, 2006

Complete And Total Procrastination

the A to Z meme

Accent: Upper Piedmont. Really.
Booze: Merlot
Chore I Hate: All of them -- seriously, I cannot think of a single one I like. Washing Dishes? Laundry? Catbox duty? -- I suppose the worse for me is Cleaning the Refrigerator. Can we just buy a new one??? Please??
Dog or Cat: Little Kitty. 18 years old. O-o-o-ld.
Essential Electronics: Which are NOT essential? The iBook is essential, as is the iPod, the Dell, the WD 250 gig hard drives (at least 3, don't you think?), the keychain wireless detector, the Jump Drives (in assorted colors, to match the liturgical season.) The power inverter in the car so I can plug in many electronics at the same time. Oh yeah, and the cameras. Essential.
Favorite Cologne(s): Chanel No. 5
Gold or Silver: Diamonds.
Hometown: Atlanta GA
Insomnia: Frequent
Job Title: Minister of Christian Ed and Media. I think I want to be Minister of Spiritual Formation. And Mommy.
Kids: Two
Living arrangements: Yes.
Most admirable trait: I can usually talk to anyone about anything. (Least admirable trait -- bonus): Conflict avoidance
Number of sexual partners: Yes.
Overnight hospital stays: maybe 2? Delivery of Children.
Phobias: burning the house down with the curling iron, iron, crockpot, oven, dryer, etc... or leaving a door unlocked.
Quote: "Not in a thousand years will man ever fly!" 1902 by Wilbur Wright
Religion: Christian; UMC
Siblings: one
Time I wake up: when I HAVE to get up.
Unusual talent or skill: I can look very very innocent ...
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Artichokes, like what's the point?
Worst habit: Procrastination heh heh heh
X-rays: teeth, sinuses, leg, arm -- wait, that was the cost.
Yummy foods I make: Chili, Grillards, veg-beef soup
Zodiac sign: about 3 foot square

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