Thursday, September 07, 2006

Your basic half-baked thought

I've been able today to spend some time thinking and meditating and praying. I really missed that during the summer. I enjoy a quiet house in the morning, a cup of coffee, no music or sound around, lighting some candles and sitting and praying.

I've been watching a lot of video clips for a project I'm working on for Monday -- one was a vintage science film about Brownian Motion. I was mesmerized by watching the little particles move around. It actually reminded me of the toddler room a the church.... But I realized that it represents my life. Nothing stays the same, everything shifts and moves. I'm always looking for stuff that sprouts legs and moves. Today it was the Elmer's glue.

I'm always surprised when I drive down a street for the first time in a couple of months at "instant subdivision." Just add water and stir.

Things are always in motion.

But in this film, the stirring rod was the constant. It never moved. Of course, I know it did move... eventually, but it was stable in that environment. It provided a point of reference in a ever changing world.

I wonder if God is the ultimate expression of stillness. God can be our point of reference in an ever-changing world. Maybe we cannot know God because we don't understand stillness. My stillness in the morning is my greatest expression of true Religious Experience. I only can hear God in this stillness.

So I think I'll just sit a while. Will you join me?

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