Friday, February 02, 2007

Picture 32/365

OK, strictly speaking, I did not take this photo -- it was taken for me on Monday by a friend ( as he was doing aerial photo work for someone else. If you want aerials, just give him a holler!

Anyway, I was going to show pictures of my candle obsession but the battery on the camera is dead.

This is a picture of my new church -- I'm officially the music minister and associate. It's an old church -- notice that the graveyard is bigger than the parking lot... It's a lot bigger plant than it looks from the street. There is a nice fellowship hall that was built at the end of the 1980's that houses the pre-school, the fellowship hall, kitchen, restrooms and the church offices. I can't find evidence of restrooms anywhere else, except some that were removed from an addition built in 1955 or so. I suppose that means for the first 100 years of the church, there were only outhouses...

You can also see the parsonage and the church van. The parsonage was built in 1975 and is currently not occupied by the parson. It will make good space for other things -- Sunday School and Youth purposes come to mind. There is also some space under the addition at the back of the sanctuary in the basement that is currently being renovated that would be great space for stuff.

The only problem with this picture is that there are no cars in the parking lot... oh well!

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