Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Widget Goodness

After almost 2 days of NO STABLE INTERNET (where I think I'm going to die of internet withdrawal), I have now indulged in Blogger Widget Goodness.

If you will notice, I now have 3 Blidgets (RevGals, Methoblog and John Wesley) on my sidebar, as well as the Methoblog Aggregator and my personal feeds (done from OPML, at least until I loose the Emory account.)

I am such a geek. If you like the Bligdets or other Widgets, help yourself! I still need to figure how Jay did the Methoblog Aggregator -- I may have to geek out some more to figure it out...

Aren't they prettiful?

You too can do the feed reader if you use Bloglines (which I did, then I didn't, and now I'm doing it again). You have to make your list public first. Then go get the Grazr at Widgetbox. Where it asks for your URL for your feeds type "" and then you get your own prettiful grazr. Isn't it grand?

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