Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Day

Another ... I don't know what.

My resolution to keep Christmas is going OK. I managed to clean a the living room in a manner it has not been cleaned in at least a year. I've got more than half way through a box from the garage and the house is clean.

I can (of course) make a list of things I want done: fix the siding and the roof. Reupholster some chairs, purchase a new recliner for the Living Room. Re-do the downstairs bathroom (paint would go a long way.) I want a new exercise bike and the garage cleaned (which will probably involve an outbuilding.)

I have noticed this year as I make my "list" that most things cost too much money or are very impersonal (or so they seem.) But I want my house to be in order very badly. Almost as badly as I want to lose some weight. I enjoy going to the parsonage because it's so very nice and picked up. That counts for a lot in my book.

So, off to the parsonage to meet the bug guy. The girls will hopefully do schoolwork while I'm gone (wishful thinking?) and then lunch with the pastor.

If I can finished 1/2 a room a day, downstairs will take less than a week. Then I will have room to do creative type things -- the things that recharge up my batteries -- my soul.

Later, gator.

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