Wednesday, December 01, 2010

At the Risk

of sounding like "did this, did this" and so forth, I did try to stick to the diet yesterday. I did fall down a bit and ate a couple of coconut macaroons -- but I stuck to the diet otherwise. I'm also doing better at the "move around more" -- flitting around the house picking stuff up, straightening and just not sitting on the sofa. I remember reading somewhere that if you just move for a few minutes every hour, it helps boost your metabolism.

We had a scare last night with Alyx the cat. He dragged himself in last night quite literally as he couldn't move his hind legs or tail. An emergency trip to the vet and $90 later, he seems much recovered, but I think he had a blood clot. Poor cat! He's not allowed outside for a while so that we can watch him and make sure he doesn't have a relapse.

I'm getting zapped by phone calls all day asking for financial help. About 4 yesterday and 2 already today. We just don't have much to give. I refer them to FISH but I wish there was indeed more that I could do. As it is, money everywhere is tight.

More tomorrow.

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