Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 7 - One Week

And two cats down.  Since my cats weight differing amounts (Set of Coleman Cat Weights) = {7,8,10,10,12,12,15,16} and the average Coleman cats (Coleman Cat Standard) = 11.25, I can express my weight loss with the Set of Cat Weights or Coleman Cat Standard.  Today, I have lost approximately 2 Standard Cats, or about 22 pounds since the beginning of the year.  At this rate, I'll be invisible before Autumn, so I don't think the rate will be constant.

Today's big accomplishment will be BOTH getting dressed and bathed on the same day. Yes, high and lofty goals.  By this afternoon, I want to get outside and walk around a little.  I've been walking the length of the house, touching the utility room door, going through the Den, down the hall, touch the back hall closet door, up the hall, through the Living/Dining Room, Kitchen and to the utility room.  3 and 4 times at a whack.  I feel like Pastor Gerbil running the Parsonage Habitrail.

I think I was a little optimistic about my recovery rate.  I anticipated bounding out of bed around Day 4, twirling batons and ribbons.  I was mistaken.  I haven't had any serious complications except I encountered some breathing problems end of Day 2 into Day 5 that meant that I had to take hits off an inhaler.  Blech.  My pulse/ox was not very good without O2 in the hospital and the O2 was so very dry.  I ended up with bloody noses and a cough.  You know, it hurts to cough when you've been stabbed in the stomach six times.  I would hold a pillow on the incisions and cough, but still see stars.

Other lofty goals today: email people about EOY reports, weed out the inbox, be compliant with the Dr's instructions about water, vitamins, protein and meals.
Big Stuff.  =o)

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