Friday, May 30, 2014


We've been on vacation for about a week now.  First the Alabama Shakespeare Festival and now Mexico Beach.  I love the beach.  I don't even have to go into the water to enjoy the beach.  This beach is a tad too crowded for me.  I'm spoiled by Dog Island, Sapelo and St. George.  I'm used to being the ONLY person on the beach.  People a quarter mile away are just too close.  Also the houses and condos are way too close here - I'm just a recluse at heart.

Katharine Hepburn used to have a sign at the end of her beach house driveway that said "Please Go Away."  I understand that sign all too well.  I'm still tired of interaction with people.  I know where it comes from - I deal with way too many people who always want something out of me.  I know that it comes from dealing with the indigent and those who really need a hand up - or a hand out.  I know that I am "taken" too often by those who probably see me as an easy touch.  But I do it anyway and then I end up where I am right now - antisocial.  I'll be glad to be back and by Sunday I'll be myself again.  But right now I'm OK with being in this condo with just us.

I've noticed that my attitude toward food has changed since the last time I was at the beach.  I can't eat (gorge) on beautiful huge seafood platters anymore.  Bill and I have to split a platter.  That's OK because we save money and it means that the surgery has worked for me.  I'm content to split a platter.  All I need is one or two bites of truly delicious food to be content.

Food is still enjoyable - I just can't have that much anymore!

I have also noticed that my bathing suit really doesn't fit anymore.  Today I'm going to have to wear a bra under the suit - which will look funny but it will keep everything where it need to be.  I'm planning on wearing a shirt over the bra and suit to hid all the extra straps.  Added benefit is that I'll have that much more sun protection!  Maybe by the next time we come to the beach, I'll have had skin surgery to take care of some of my problems...

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