Saturday, January 08, 2005

Questions, Questions

(OK nevermind. Husband to rescue -- may disregard the rest. Wait, it's still not "flowing" around the text.) Ok, I have been trying to embed images within my text -- or putting 4 little thumbnails right next to each other and having the text sorta "flow" around text and I am getting frustrated. Nothing seems to work. Aarrgghh!!

Secondly, I sent an email teasing my senior pastor (Mr. Traditional, er, Rev. Dr. Traditional (but not really)) about adding a Drum Circle to our Prayer Minstry. He sent back an email saying "go for it." What!! I don't know nothing 'bout no Drum Circles! Is he serious? Does anyone out there know anything about Drum Circles?? What have I done?? Aarrgghh!! (or I could say, Beats me...) (or birthing prayer via the rhythum method) (ok how do you spell rhythum and is there spell check in this thing....)

Rambling on.....

the drum circle idea comes from Psalm Drummers
who state "For thousands of years people have used drums to announce the coming of man. Psalm Drummers use the drum to announce the presence of the living God."


Preacher Mom said...

Drum circle? This is a new one for me. Tell me more.

Null said...

I was flickr for posting images to my blog, you can post directly to your blog from there with the image you want in it selected, only downside is it only gives you code for 1 image and unless you know a little about CSS it's a bit daunting to edit the code to fit the text right.

Jake said...

Someone probably already told you, but the way to get the text to wrap with blogger is to add align=left just before the bracket (if you want the pic on the left).

It would look like this;

(img src="" align=left)

Replace the parenthesis with brackets...( = <...Note the quotation marks. Also, there is one space between the last quotation mark and align.