Thursday, December 15, 2005

Why, oh why, oh why?

Did I ever think that cataloging my books was a good idea? I've done 24 shelves -- about 2000 books. One shelf was CDs, one was photo albums and one was DVDs, so I would say that I have probably about 5200 books in the living room. 8 shelves of non-fiction to go and then 20 shelves of fiction. Why did I think this was a good idea? I've bins of books to be filed away in the living room, meaning that I had to put the tree in the dining room. Which worked out because now you can see the tree from the street through the front windows. But between the baskets of laundry in the living room, the 5 big bins of books, the 3 give away boxes and the 8 bins of Christmas stuff I still haven't put up, there is no room to swing a cat. If she would allow me to swing her.

Actually, I've asked for a kitten for Christmas. Another piece of evidence that I've lost my mind. I want a Maine Coon, like my Muffin was. I love Maine Coon cats. Entropy wants a Munchkin. I've been looking for a young adult to adopt out of the shelters -- I don't dare go to the shelter -- I'd end up with a half dozen because I am a yutz.

I've been snapping at the kids and the Loving Husband. I know why -- I've got to have a biopsy today and it's making me anxious. After one brush with breast cancer (which was pre-cancerous, but required a lumpectomy) -- biopsies make me anxious. And then the waiting after the biopsy is taking is just as bad.

Anyway, the girls will be out next week. I plan to have the non-fiction done and wait on the fiction until after Christmas. I plan on doing a big push to get the laundry done. I plan on getting the Christmas boxes put back up this weekend. I plan to get them to karate every day that the studio is open. I plan on getting some work done in the garage. And I am going to measure for a new desk/countertop in the kitchen for the mess in there. Plans, plans, plans.

UPDATE: I had biopsies from three sites in embarrassing places but am now quite uncomfortable now that the numb-juice is gone. I'll be sore for a while. I also had a 2-hour glucose tolerance testing at the same time. Total of 4 needle sticks. Bad results off that one -- it were elevated. Which means that I'm insulin resistant, not a diabetic, or so I was given to understand. We'll get the results form the biopsies later.

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