Friday, December 02, 2005


We did something really fun with the kids last night. At church we had a children's event we called "Meet me at the Manger." There was pizza and singing and a storyteller and crafts -- but my contribution to the event was to take family pictures in a stable with live animals and a manger. There were costumes to wear and I broke out my studio lights so that I knew we would have sufficient light. We had a calf, 3 sheep, a goat and a donkey. I'm emailing the pictures to the families this afternoon.

I downloaded the pictures this morning and I thought I was going to laugh so hard I was going to fall out onto the floor. Trying to get 4 or 5 family members and all the animals to look in the same direction at the same time was so very very hard -- and the donkey kept turning around and showing his "south side." There was chaos at the costume boxes, goats nibbling on the Baby Jesus doll, infants placed in the manger screaming their head off, toddler angels wandering off. It was so much fun! The very first family scared the sheep so badly they tried to leap out of the way to no avail. One of the kids noticed that one of the sheep voided his bladder. There were screams "Mama, mama, mama, the sheep TEE TEE'ed!!" across the parking lot.

It was just so funny! Our worship chair had the responsibility to handle the donkey. He actually had to pick the silly thing up two or three times to get it looking the correct way. And the adults had fun saying things like, "Jack, get your Ass out of the way!"

I did get a picture of the family. So here's a picture of the church's littlest angel and our family. Enjoy!

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