Friday, January 20, 2006

Crossposted from the RevGalBlogPals site b/c I'm lazy:

I have a blogger meet-up today with one of our number -- Gavin -- for lunch. Fun, fun, fun!

Then today is first day of classes at Candler. Only one class, but it's a 3 hour one. And parking on the first day of classes at Emory is SO, uhm, FUN! I'll have to watch out for the traffic monsters..... Pray that one doesn't grab me!

Gavin and Jonathon made it to Grayson.... but not in time for lunch. At first, the receptionist thought they were homeless guys.... (Actually, it seems that Jonathon's intuitive driving took them about 2 hours out of the way... but they had a good time being lost.)

While I wait for Gavo and Jonathon, I sit at the receptionist desk because my "some assembly required" office furniture that was delivered yesterday came in some VERY flat boxes. I assumed if "some" assembly was required, that some assembly was done. If this is "some" assembly, then a "unassembled" desk would come as an un-sawn log.

In the meantime, I get a call "Mama...I feel sick." I rush to the middle school to pick up Chaos. By this time, it's getting really late to leave for class. I get her to the office. She gets sick in the ladies room. No janitor. I call the husband. No answer. I interview Gavin and Jonathon for the Sunday project. I clean up the ucky. I get her home. I get a call from the husband, just in time to *not* make it to class. By the time he would get home to care for the girly and I drive to class, I could get there just in time to be dismissed. Sooooo..... instead, I call the Library committe chairperson and tell her to please send me the minutes, as I will not be there. I call my cancer support co-leader and tell here I will not be there. I fix myself and nice big salad and leave it untouched. I eat chocolate.

Video of Jonathon and Gavin!! yes indeed.

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