Saturday, November 18, 2006

Full Plate

How come when you have a full plate more things happen?
This is my last Sunday at my home church (home for 10 years) and my first Sunday at my new church (at 11:00) -- end of the semester, final projects to work on, finals to prepare for, trip coming up for Thanksgiving so...
I now have a strained muscle in my back -- hurts to move and I've taken a muscle relaxant.
And then Chaos steps on the cat -- she made a muffled squeaky meow and had problems breathing (the cat, not Chaos). One trip to the emergancy vet. Little Kitty is OK, just bruised. The only thing that's hurting now is my wallet, which has a smoking hole in it.
Oh and Chaos? Now renamed "Leadboot Catcrusher."

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