Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We look and we really don't see

Today I saw:
* a semi-truck with a whimsey on the back bumper -- a 18 inch tall rubber mouse. With really big ears.
* the ribbon of the centerline fading into the soft grey of the horizon, exactly matching the yellow of the turning leaves.
* a little girl skipping alongside an older man, running ahead, lagging behind for a reassuring touch on the head. She was wearing rainbow striped stockings and red sparkley Mary Janes.
* my two children's heads bowed together with their arms around each other as they read a book.
* a couple kiss each other and hold hands after 60 plus years of marriage.
* a pattern of red maple leaves against a robin's egg blue sky
* the flame of a candle shining through 100 year old glass
* the dark curl of my husband's hair
* a flickering ginger tail under my desk. Just the tail was showing.
* a tree hung with old CDs at sunset

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