Monday, November 13, 2006

Working On My Bedroom Retreat

I had "help" with the laundry.

I purchased on of those "Bed-In-A-Bag" things. I like the green color.

My dresser with lots of candles, but without the new green draperies. The green tray I rescued is on the dresser with candles on it.

And I conceded to the fact if I wanted to watch something "mommy" oriented, I needed a TV in the bedroom. I resisted this for years, but caved in. This is the old TV from the Living Room.

I've set up a desk in the corner and it's being used by myself and the kids on occasion for their homework. I've put special treasures on the desk -- that old silver bowl with pillar candle, a mirror tray and pencil cups, my upstairs hard-drive, a picture of my children, a paperweight, an old Fenton "Peach crest" vase from the 1940's. I'll take a picture soon -- right now I'm cleaning out the closet.....

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