Monday, March 30, 2009

Contemplating "Pound Mentality" vs. "Shelter Mentality"

I have been wondering why they call the Animal Control Shelter a Pound. Why pound? The Online Etymology Dictionary says:
"enclosed place for animals," late O.E. pundfald "penfold, pound," related to pyndan "to dam up, enclose (water)," and thus from the same root as pond. Ultimate origin unknown; no certain cognates beyond Eng.
So the Pound is where we enclose animals. Appropriate, as our Animal Control Shelter does enclose them tightly. We have visited the pound; it's not a bad place. I remember visiting the pound in another county in my childhood that made me cry. It was dirty, smelly and cramped. The Gwinnett County Animal Shelter is clean, bright and the staffing was extremely supportive and friendly. However, they are not a "no-kill" shelter and the animals were quite confined. Their pens were full of hard surfaces and antiseptic.

The Humane society, on the other hand, had "free range rooms" where the kitties (and doggies in another house) were free to roam. There were nice fuzzy places where they could snuggle up, there were toys and multiple litter boxes with many different types of litter. There was an outside "porch" where they could go and get some fresh air and sunshine. They are definitely "no-kill" and will keep the kitties as long as necessary to find them homes.

I am glad that our pound is not as awful as I remember from my childhood, however the Humane Society has my full and complete support. I made another substantial donation to them this week. Chaos was so taken by their philosophy that she wants to go volunteer. Compared to the pound, it was kitty heaven.

I am glad that my God is a "Humane Society" type of God; offering us food and good comfortable shelter in God's arms and in a community here on earth before we go to our forever home.

Missing my kitties and snuggling Johnnycat and Sugarbaby today.

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