Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Momocon Pictures

You can see Link's sword, boots, shield, pouches, hat, belts, gloves and gauntlet. Most of these items were either altered or made by the girls and I. I even made the belts. I didn't make the ears, though. More research will be necessary.

Adorable Link and Dark Link. This young lady even made her chain-mail. That's next on our list. Adorable Link's chain mail was two silvery tank tops from Goodwill originally.

Allen Walker, a random Mario and Adorable Link. Allen Walker's trenchcoat was originally a leather shirt and leather skirt. Chaos and I altered it dramatically and added some vinyl. We will improve it over the year by experimenting with adhesives. Vinyl glue was not optimal.

We also experimented with theatrical makeup this year. This was Ben Nye makeup; it held up well. The spray fixative is wonderful.

They both loved the doctor. Next year I think that the LH needs to do a Tom Baker Doctor. Just thinking.... The pouches were very handy. Chaos had two on the back of her belt for her glasses and wallet (and screwdriver, electrical tape and camera). Entropy had two pouches for her wallet and water bottle...

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