Friday, April 17, 2009

Homeschool Day -- Begin Greek Week

Today is the beginning of Greek Week. Of course, I may spend more than one single week on Greece, but just for kicks, here's a plan our activities so far.

  • Watch the 4th episode of World History from The Teaching Company about ancient Greece.
  • Watch from SnagFilms "Beyond the Movies: Troy"
  • Read some from Illiad and Odessy
  • Watch from NetFlix a PBS film about Ancient Greece.
  • Copy some Attic Pottery on preprinted vase forms
  • Watercolor some Attic Pottery from scratch -- Impressionistic
  • Talk about Pythagorus
  • Use Euclidian tools to do a Golden Rectangle; Discover the integral nature of the square root of 5; phi and pi
  • Pull out the Golden Relationships Textbooks
  • Do "art" with Golden Rectangle
  • Talk about "Circle of Fifths" in Music
  • Fibonacci Numbers
  • Play around with the musical instruments, exploring 5ths, Dominant, Sub-dominant, Tonic Cords; Key signatures
  • Watch "Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land"
  • Read some in the World History Book about Ancient Greece
  • Read in the "Music Theory for Dummies" about Pythagorus and Ancient Greece
  • Watch episode number one of the Music Appreciation videos from The Teaching Company
  • Assign some writing (like they will do it...)
  • Explore the Greek Alphabet; do some art with the Greek Alphabet
  • Make a Timeline of butcher paper that we can add to as we go on
  • Explore the Greek Cookbook; make Baclava, Hummus, Easter cookies
  • For me: search for something to talk about harmonics and resonance; science of Music; look for tie in to Biology; Museums? Visit the Greek church? Films -- Medea, Antigone? Ancient Greek Anime? Oscilloscope to explore harmonics?

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