Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Project Order from Chaos, Day 12

I took a break yesterday.  Here's today's efforts.

Project Order from Chaos, Day 12.
Items to give away or recycle
(65) a few dozen tealight candles, burned for like 5 minutes.
(66) 25 unopened wallpaper boarders, 3 different patterns.
(67) pottery crock and loaf pans
(68) can opener
(69) handpainted butterfly trivet
(70) 8 Christmas napkin rings
(71) Odd cork thing
(72) fabric covered box
(73) kid's leaf necklace
(74) red bulletin board letters and numbers
(75) three partially used rolls of wall paper
(76) unopened kid's paper birthday tablecloth
(77) matching papergoods for wedding shower -- 36 cups, 48 napkins, 36 plates -- all in a bag.
(78) pile of telephone books to recycle.
(80) stack of plastic cups to be recycled.

(81) cups with lids
(82) random bag of craft stuff
(83) spool of ribbon

(84) bucket of plaster of paris, half used.
(85) Easter Bunny Basket
(86) Flower cookie cutters, unopened
(87) bucket of unused candle wax
(88) WalMart bag of used Easter Eggs
(89) Red Rabbit Fur Collar
(90) Random Bag of Craft stuff (good stuff, too)
(91) Button thing
(92) Bucket of foam shapes
(93) Leather book cover

(94) bag of unused balloons
(95) bag silk flowers
(96) bag of birthday noisemakers and stuff
(97) bag of craft things
(98) Bunny necklace kits
(99) Spool of ribbon
(100) plastic butter tub of clear plastic beads

And the kitchen is a total mess.

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