Saturday, January 08, 2011

Project Order from Chaos, Day 8

Sewing room design. It will include my mid-century sofa (basement) covered with this fabric, soft blue on the walls, a mid-century record cabinet (basement), a bench (storage unit). Big Lots has this floor lamp for $30. The shelving is from ULine or Sams. The work table is stainless from a restaurant supply company. The task: to dispose of all excess sewing things that don't fit on the shelves or in the closet.

(38) 2 dozen socks
(39) a pair of skates
(40) a Nikon camera
(41) a Coca Cola camera
(42) two cheapo watches
(43) Art set
(44) pile of 3 tee shirts
(45) tacky hat
(46) bag of alphabet stamps
(47) bag of assorted kid type paper craft junk

(37) Removed huge bag o' film from laundry room, packaged up 38 rolls of film or disposable cameras into mailers, labeling each and every one with a return address sticker. Should this count as one item or 38 items?
(Note: film developers are getting harder to find. I opted to go with an online service that will do it for $1.99 a roll with an album posted on line and one set of 4 by 6 prints. This great price was ONLY if you pre-paid for 50 rolls and I don't think it will include shipping. I found 11 rolls of film that need to be used. I think I'll give the girls photography lessons -- that brings the total of film cans to be developed to 49...)

Scraping Wallpaper. Easier in some ways than anticipated; harder in others.

Paint chips for Kate's move into current sewing room, Kate's old room as the new sewing room, the girl's bathroom and the kitchen. We now have a stark white wall in kitchen.

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