Saturday, June 10, 2006

End of Week One

More stuff:
The hot-spots at the hospital are not easy to find.
The computers in the medical library are very slow.
I miss the internet.
Missing the internet might be good for me.
A 28 hour shift is a very long shift. Long. Very.
Sleeping on that sofa-thingy is difficult. Especially when I keep thinking I'm going to miss the beeper going off.
Ministry at the hospital is very immediate. And most of the time very rewarding.
I love hospital visits for this reason.
I LOVE the ice-cream machine and the Icee machine.
I love the Koi pond, the clowns, the therapy animals (esp the puppies and kittens) and the Child-Life people.

I'm finding that I miss the continued relationships with people. My supervisor explained that it's like floating around in a Movie Multiplex. You enter into the movie already in progress -- you stay for a few minutes, just long enough to get a grasp on the plot and to meet the main characters and then you float out to go watch a few minutes of another movie. I make a connection/relationship and I never find out the resolution. This is difficult.

I'm missing the blogosphere -- especially the handful of blogs I read every day. I miss rlp's chat room. I miss watching the news. Next time I over-night it, I've GOT to find the hot-spots.....

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