Saturday, June 24, 2006


too much hospital food has given me a tummy ache.
I'm up and wandering around b/c of said tummy ache.

I'm bringing "groceries" to the hospital next week -- Healthy Choices and yogurt. It's GOT to be better than the hospital food.

Also, I'm going to tone the clothing down. Or rather brighten it up. I didn't realize how much black clothing I own. I already feel like the "Angel of Death" (thanks for the term RevAbi) -- the nurses on the units see me and say "who is it??" Well, there are days/nights when I'm just on a walk-about. Just because I'm there doesn't mean that someone is doing badly .... I think that all the black adds to that "undertaker" feeling.

So, I'm wearing Lime Green, Steel Blue and Peach next week. Not all together, though, that would be painful for the eyes.

I've started counting the days left -- is that a bad thing? (14 down with 3 overnights - exactly 40 with 7 overnighters left to go. 26.56% done.)

Now to finish preparing for the Communion service....

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