Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wednesday Again

And I'm on-call.

I'm learning the routine. Like:
1) if you have a $5.00 voucher for dinner and you don't use it up -- buy some fruit or a pop-tart for later.
2) hospital cafeteria food = boring after a while.
3) the ice cream machine is good.
4) get your sheets/blankets/towels BEFORE nightfall and especially before 3:00 am. That is, if you WANT sheets/blankets/towels. Last week I ended up with two flat sheets and 6 washclothes.
5) change your shoes after 24 hours.
6) take care of your feet. Your feet are your friends.
7) pace yourself.
8) don't sweat the prayer service.
9) lonely kids like the company.
10) I'm no good at Battleship anymore.
11) sleep when it offers itself to you.

I'm going to finish preparing the prayer service.

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