Monday, March 26, 2007

Picture 80/365

Part of the compensation of having to have class on Saturdays is that I get to eat where-ever I want to. And of course, in Athens that would mean the Varsity. Of course if it were near Tech, it would be the Varsity as well.

My dad's first date (in 1935) was a movie at the Fox and dinner at the Varsity. My grandfather used to eat there at least twice a week. Anytime we went downtown Atlanta or Athens, it was an opportunity to go to the V. I remember one of the car-hops singing the menu to us -- he knew what my grandfather wanted (because he was such a regular customer) and would sing it to just me -- his name was Flossie Mae and I miss that.

My pediatrician was downtown at Georgia Baptist Hospital and so to keep me from crying when I got a shot, my mother would promise to take me to the V and get ice cream or a Frosted Orange. When I purchased my first car, my dad insisted that we go to the V and "break it in." In fact, we broke all our new cars in at the V.

And the food's good too....

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