Friday, March 23, 2007

Rejection of Labels

I have rejected labels for a long time. In fact, I hate labels, especially "conservative," "fundamentalist," and "liberal." I'm not too fond of "progressive" either.

I know my label, but I hate using it. It's like putting myself in a box. Entropy has this silly frog toy that swells when you put in it water. If you put it in a small glass, it stays small. If you put it in a big bucket, it gets real big. It also takes on the shape of the container, sometimes round, sometimes square. (I'm not fond of the frog today, either.) I'm afraid I put myself in a box (label), I'll never know what my true size or shape would be.

Nonetheless, my label would be "Mystic." Not in that gooey New Age kind of way, but a robust Christian Mystic sort of way.

There. I finally said it.

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