Thursday, March 29, 2007

Picture 86/365

The only nose in the household that pollen doesn't seem to bother. Chaos' throat is really sore this morning; more than the usual and so off to the doctor we go. I've been giving her over the counter stuff -- maybe we need prescription drugs.

The traffic helicopter on TV just showed some aerial photographs -- the pollen is so bad that there is a yellow haze around Atlanta, it reaches up almost to the top of the skyscrapers -- they are coated with a yellow film and you can see it very clearly on the roads and the tire tracks the cars have made through it. The Loving Husband made the comment that if we get much more pollen, we can go skiing.

I've books to read by Hauerwas and Cobb. Funny, they are both Dukies. I think I'll spend time reading today. I've got to figure out how Hauerwas grounds his Ethics and how Cobb views Grace and Responsibility.

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