Thursday, May 17, 2007


My life is cyclic. One cycle follows another, almost as surely as one season follows another. By graduating, I've altered the cycle, but certain milestones will be the same. I followed graduation by the "end of the semester torpor." That can last anywhere from two days to a week. Next comes the "I can't believe how yucky this house is" stage. I'm in the midst of that now. This will be the time where I clean those things that need to be cleaned a couple of times of year -- like scrubbing the cabinet under the sink and cleaning behind the washer and dryer. Yuck. It's also the time where I tend to do things like paint rooms and refinish floors. (And yes, I've got paint chips already!)

While the kids are out of school, it's the time where I begin to set up my routine again. Morning prayer, a chapter out of the Bible, a chapter out of a "good book." Clean the kitchen after b'fast (we don't finish up at night, like my family did as a child.) After the kids get out, I will spend a bunch of time pushing them to get out of bed in the morning, clean their room and a lot of time fussing at them to stop fighting.

I've a to-do list started; I want to throughly clean up this house and help finish sorting the Loving Husband's g'father's estate out. I need to finish sorting stuff in the garage and the storage unit. I've listed bunches of books on Amazon and I need to get some items listed on eBay. I want to do some more writing. Chaos wants to do some trips to take pictures; Entropy wants to learn how to Photoshop. I want to go to the beach (paradise). I've got Conference, VBS, they have music camp, I've got Pastor's school, Entropy has summer school. I've got to finish applications for ThM programs and CPE, but I don't feel in a hurry.

I do like routine and structure. But I like setting time in that structure for contemplation, prayer and just drinking coffee. Like I'm doing now. How come we don't put "time to sit a while" down in our schedules? Do we not value it? Well, for me it's going to be around 9:30 am. Come sit a while with me.

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