Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Various and Sundry

First: I couldn't comment on the Methoblog so here's my observation about fresh clergy: I have calculated my student debt per month and my take home (at full LP salary). I do not have a parsonage (well, actually, we probably COULD live in the parsonage, but are choosing not to) and I have to pay all my own utilities etc... I calculated that after subtracting number above from the other I would have $618 to live off of. Good thing the Loving Husband has a good job, eh?

Second: The fires in S. Georgia burn unabated. They are costing the state of Georgia more than a million dollars a day. 136 square miles have burned and more than 20 homes have been lost, but no loss of life. This loss of forest is going to be hard because we also have elevated ozone levels in Georgia, a "cap" of heavy and dense air over us and we are on smog alert "Orange" (this may be why when I'm outside walking I'm short of breath.) The best "scrubber" of air other than rain are trees -- and now we have 136 square miles less of trees. We need rain! The moisture that is laid down in spring is what creates the pop-up thunderstorms that help cool us off in July and August. Without this moisture, the heat down here is going to be unbearable. (Georgia heat is pretty unbearable as it is, but this will pump it up higher). There is a burning ban in Atlanta already and watering bans. Lake Lanier took a hit last year when a faulty sensor cause us to spill off too much water and the lake is down. They were hoping for rain to fill it back up this year. We need rain!

Third: I've been blue since yesterday and I can put my finger on why. Entropy was in the school play last night and the place was pretty much well packed. It was your typical 5th grade play (do I need to say more?) The LH and I were both there, as well as Chaos, but Entropy was one of the few who didn't also have grandparents. It makes me very sad that not only do I not have parents to consult but the kids are missing out on the experience of grandparents. My grandparents were the "spoiling factor" when I was their age -- I could always count on an ice cream cone or a new dress when I had a play or a concert. I'm missing that today.

Fourth: I'm working on papers today. I worked on my novel some, but I'm having a problem. I keep redeeming my villains. How can I write a murder mystery if I keep redeeming the villains?

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