Thursday, May 10, 2007

Three Days (Slight Panic is setting in)

Three Days!! And so much to do!! Aarrgghh!!
Two Papers, one final, worship Sunday, Choir Practice

And on the home front:
Out of town company. That means we have to be able to find the beds in Entropy's room. That might not seem to be a problem to some, but she's a Clean Sweep dropout. Mission Organization would not touch it.

Well, maybe it's not THAT bad. Or maybe it is. I've been working in the room for a hour a day or so this last week and you can't tell it. I'm thinking about big black trash bags -- just scooping the stuff up and stuffing it in the attic and then bring them out one at a time to sort. That way it might seem manageable. She's really attached to her stuff, and yet doesn't know how to care for it. I suppose it's really up to me to teach her. Chaos is pretty good at the cleaning of the room activity and the sorting of stuff. She regularly brings stuff down to give away to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Entropy just didn't inherit those genes.

I suppose she didn't get that nickname for nothing. Time to work on papers.

P.S. Net -- thank your son for the idea. I think I'll get some flip-flops.

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