Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Interesting Juxapositions

First, I watched this video at Gavin's blog.
I didn't like it -- there are so many points that I don't like, I don't know where to begin. First, the overwhelmingly male (non-inclusive) language. "Men" this and "him" that, implying that leadership for the church should be exclusively male. Argh!
Second, the comments about sex. (yuck)
Third, this leadership style promulgates a cult of personality -- and the first one promulgated is that of the speaker. The EGO that takes! Argh! This person is very into multi-casting. Where is the incarnation in that?

Later in the afternoon, I got into a conversation with a good friend that I hadn't heard from in 10 years. She and her husband are involved in a "Fellowship" -- a house church that cooperates with other established churches, but is an intentional fellowship that meets for formal/informal worship (liturgy based, mostly Anglican and RC) in a house church setting. (Undisclosed Famous Professor) is a part of this group, so I know that there is solid biblical exegesis done here -- in this small group of 16 to 20 people. They take turning expounding on the Word, writing the prayers and liturgy themselves. They share the Eucharist, then have a pot-luck lunch together. I don't feel comfortable in sharing the name of (Undisclosed Famous Professor), but this person is indeed, famous and is indeed a Biblical Scholar (does the Lectionary writings in Christian Century frequently). They are a sort of renegade group, but affirm one another, reach out to others and keep their worship small and intentional. Everyone participates.

Guess which one I'd rather go to?

I've been thinking quite a bit about "What is church?" and "What is Emergent?" and "What is Emerging?" Which of these two should we do? Is there room for both? Can both be honest expressions of church? Jesus took small intimate meals -- Jesus also spoke to very large groups of people. Are they for different types of people or different types of purposes? Which should we emulate? Why do I find one of these models so compelling and the other so distasteful? Which is more authentic for me, personally? What should I do with these reflections?

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