Monday, July 16, 2007


or Pipe dreams as the case may be.

I love to cruise to Yacht World. I love all sorts of boats. I'll daydream about all of them. I recently found this. It's a schooner built in 1898 named Atalanta (close... I'd leave out an "a".) It's not too pricey (heh, yeah, RiGHT.) But what is puzzling me -- it has 10 cabins and 20 heads... why? Why would you need 20 heads for 10 cabins? Maybe there is a men's and ladies room with 5 additional heads each? Gorgeous galley; sparse salon.

My favorite are early 20th century Trumpys. Beautiful. But fuel hogs.

A nice ChrisCraft from the 1950's restored -- a Constellation or a Corsair. Plus the money to fuel it.

Thus, I look at sailboats. Off to daydream for a while.

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