Tuesday, July 10, 2007

First Meeting of the Big Event Committee

we are going to brainstorm and share information as we begin to shape the "Big Event." Stay tuned for more information.

QG, MaryBeth are delightful -- Questing Parson is acting as general dogsbody (he's doing a lot of fetching and carrying) and St. Casserole is charming. Songbird came in last night after I went home; Cheesehead is arriving this morning and we are expecting RevAbi sometime this afternoon. Questing Parson is cooking us a gourmet lunch.

I'm still puny after the appendectomy and "hit a wall" last night. I'm moving slow this morning. The doctor told me it would be a full two months, and I guess it will! I am going to pace myself to see make sure that I can stay with this until the end. Sometimes I wonder about God's timing. I had a friend who once described me as a red rubber ball -- give me a little energy and I keep going and going. I can't do that right now and I get frustrated. I've got to give that over to God and let God just handle it. Chaos has some sort of anemia and so perhaps it's time to take a season to rest (can you say sabbath?) That's what I'm thinking about right now....

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