Wednesday, September 05, 2007


  • Listing books on Amazon. It takes a while; you have to list each book one at a time. I'm thinning out the books. By the time I finish I'll have listed maybe a third of them.
  • Listing books is work!
  • I don't understand how people can list a book for a penny. You would be paying them to take the book. Amazon charges $3.99 for shipping; then keeps $2.34 of the sale. So I get a "credit" of $4.00 -- Amazon keeps $2.34. It cost $2.31 to ship. The mailer costs $.20. The label is $.10. So I am out of pocket about $.95 to mail the book. So how do people do it?
  • The living room is now about knee deep in boxes of books and unfolded laundry. I need to clear a corner of the garage to put the books in.
  • How come each new problem causes a solution that in turn causes a new problem?
  • Appointments today.
  • I've some paperwork to do.
  • Later, y'all.

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