Thursday, September 13, 2007

Picture 239 of 365

State of the House Pictures:
Tuesday Morning
Stuff drifting in and out of the Living Room. It's been a busy month; the kids have started school and I have shipped out 118 packages with 6 to go out today. (Actually it will be 120 this morning, as I sold two more books on Amazon.) That's over one hundred items sold on eBay and Amazon. I had no idea it was that many until I counted up last night.*

I've also given away things on Freecycle: the kid's old sandbox and the Toddler slide from the back yard. I've tried to give away the fancy-schmancy litter box that the cat won't use, but had a no-show yesterday. I've 6 bags of Goodwill stuff that I want to give away but can't until find Entropy's iPod (is it in the bags? is it under the bed (no)? is it in your collection of pocketbooks (no)?). As soon as the iPod is found, those 6 bags are so out of here. I'm trying to give away the old sofa and the Lazy Boy that are in the garage, as well.

More work on the garage this morning; several packages to ship; kids to get to school (one at 8:10, one at 9:00) then to fetch at 4:00. Purchase hiking boots for Chaos. Purchase 8 more copies of "The Faith We Sing." Church stuff. Choir practice. Laundry. Dishes. Sweep floor, wipe counters.

Later, gators.

* Lots of stuff sold; and I would like to admit, many books read. It seems I get stuck as I list books to sell; I inspect them to "grade" New, Like New, Very Good, Good, Acceptable. I fan them, sniff them, look for highlighting, start reading, huh, don't remember this book.... and 2 hours later remember what I was supposed to be doing. I've done this so many times now. Bad, bad habit.

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