Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday Bullets

  • I think I'm in a bullet kind of mood right now.
  • I have un-earthed the freezer in the garage. There was too much stuff in front of the freezer for me to get to it; mostly things to give to Goodwill and what not. The freezer is totally frozen up -- it says "Frostfree" on the front -- Ha! I removed the food items I could and threw them away this morning; the garbage people (sanitation engineers?) will be here this morning. Much nicer to throw the stuff away frozen than to let it sit and rot for a few days... I'll have to let it thaw a while before I throw anything else away. But before I let it thaw, I have to get all the things around it off the floor of the garage so they don't get wet.
  • I've moved most of my shipping supplies to that corner of the garage; it's nice to see the dining room again. As soon as the freezer leaves, I'll have room for the giant stack of books (listed on Amazon) that are currently in the living room.
  • I get to be "orchestra mom" on Saturday. The ASO workshop is this Saturday, but none of our orchestra teachers can go. So I suppose I'll carry books to read while they play. It looks as if there are going to be 200 kids from all around the Atlanta area and 100 ASO members, so two kids will get to practice for several hours begin tutored by one ASO member. The concert will be at 2:00 pm. It should be cool.
  • Part of the "what-not" in front of the freezer was 5 bags of the Loving Husband's Mother's clothes. We brought them home shortly after the funeral and to be honest neither one of us have had the where-with-all to sort them out until now. I have three of her pocketbooks that I am going to display in my bedroom and Chaos' bedroom. She made them herself and I treasure them. I also found about 5 evening dresses; two of which are black with sequins. I am putting them aside for Chaos and Entropy. I don't know if they will wear them, but the two black ones would be appropriate to wear in a Symphony. As it is, next year Chaos will need something black and white to wear. Guys have it easy. One Tuxedo and a couple of shirts. Harder for girls.
  • The house is still a wreck, but I suppose that part of the process of this deep cleaning is initally getting messier.
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra was also taken by the story of the Cellist of Sarajevo. There is a song on one of their CDs called "The Prince of Peace."
    And the deepest scars of all
    Which to humans are unseen
    But the angel could see clearly
    Were the scars upon the dreams

    Like Belfast and Burundi
    Rwanda, Palestine
    The only decorations here
    Had been awarded for their crimes

    And in gardens where the children played
    Now soldiers only trod
    And stranger still, he heard some say
    That they were killing for their god

    Now the angel heard god speak many times
    And he had always paid attention
    But this killing of ones neighbor
    Was something the Lord had never mentioned

    But as he neared the earth
    Of a recent battleground
    From among the ruins
    He once more heard the sound

    It was a single cello playing
    A forgotten Christmas song
    And even on that battlefield
    The song somehow belonged

    And as he flew away
    The angel did take note
    That where he found this music played
    One always could find hope

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