Tuesday, September 25, 2007


  • There is either way too much to blog about or way too little. If you know what I mean.
  • I'm not really in the mood because I'm writing papers for the Board of Ordained Ministry and I'm getting tired of writing.
  • I'm shipping 2 to 6 packages a day still from either Amazon or eBay. The River flows swiftly at times and not so swiftly at others. Sales are lumpy.
  • There is some sort of scare about accounts at eBay today. Don't think it's a real problem for me, just enough of something for the newspeople to get themselves in a lather.
  • I'm watching The War on PBS. It makes me think of my parents: my mother was the girl at home and my Dad was career Army until he had thorastic surgery during Korea and he was sworn out of the Army.
  • Coincidentally, I found my dad's letters home from that war this week as I was cleaning the garage. I can't bring myself to read them yet.
  • I'm listening to Yo Yo Ma's "Cellist of Sarajevo" -- and the Adiago in G Minor by Remo Giazotto based from fragments found in the ruins of the Saxon State Library on the slow movement of a Sonata in G minor by Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni. The Saxon State Library of Dresden was firebombed by the Allies in February and March of 1945, near the end of the war. This piece is the major piece that Vedran Smailovic played in the ruins of the National Library in Sarajevo (among other places). He played for 22 days straight, in full dress and in harm's way to honor the 22 people who had been killed while queuing for bread during the siege of Sarajevo on May 27, 1992. For some reason, this captures my imagination -- to sit in that ruined space and yet to be faithful to his calling. Beauty amid unmistakable signs of violence. Is this not too our calling?

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