Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Bullets

  • I found out that orchestra moms are necessary -- I handed out band-aids, kleenex and a tampon. We also handled two emotional problems, a nosebleed and one nauseous cellist. One poor kid didn't have a cello (never got the story straight -- he either broke it or left it at home.) One nickel in a cello and one slipped bridge. I understand that there was a broken bridge in one of the other orchestras. Ouch.
  • I found out that aging musicians who never had children don't handle middle schoolers extremely well -- 13 year olds are indeed a special breed. One ADD kid was driving a 70 year old clinician crazy by 1:30 -- the meds must have worn off. He was twirling his bass 'round and 'round, poking other kids with his bow and actually sat on his bass at one point. The topper was about 12 trips to the bathroom. The musician now knows that ADD is REAL.
  • There was a disparity between the kids; there is such a wide range in Atlanta. Really rich kids were paired with really poor kids; the rich kids had "fashionable" clothing, iPhones, Sidekicks and many had lots of private lessons. And there were some who were just plain rude and spoiled rotten. My "bossy teacher" persona came out in force. Too bad I couldn't keep an iPhone....
  • I stopped by and purchased a "cello coffin" at our favorite strings store. I have too much money invested in that cello to risk a separated neck or a broken bridge. Soft cases are OK when transporting back and forth to lessons, but in a crush of a crowd -- I'd much rather have a hard case.
  • I'm proud as punch of Chaos. I must have told people a dozen times yesterday, "Did I tell you that Chaos played with the ASO?" I think I got on Chaos' last nerve with that.
  • I'll try to upload some video/pictures this morning.
Oh, by the way, did I tell you that Chaos played with the ASO??


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