Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Picture 245 and 246 of 365 -- "Frostless"

Frostless, it claims.

It lies. I haven't defrosted this freezer since I began seminary. I think it's time. In fact, I'm throwing all the food away and I'm going to try to freecycle the freezer (like anyone would want it!) I don't need a freezer like this right now.

I'm trying to freecycle a sofa as well -- no takers so far. And about 2 dozen used canning jars (need new seals.) Yesterday I got rid of a wheelchair, a wheelchair transfer board and a pair of crutches (a local little town's Senior Center was most appreciative.)

I've received several boxes of books from an unnamed RevGal who collected stuff for Katrina Relief and shipped hundreds of books (mostly novels) until they cried "Enough." I'm looking through them (did you know you can send Media Mail for really cheap?) and listing what I can on Amazon. I've bunches of things that won't sell -- Grisham books, romance stuff. I'm going to take some of them to the used book stores, but if anyone wants a "Love Package," just email me your addy at candlemb at bellsouth dot net. When you receive your package, you can send me something .... or donate some money somewhere. Or both. Mindy gets the first "Love Package." I may get a cow in return!

Oh, and did I tell you that Chaos played with the ASO? Just checking (and yanking daughter's chain a bit!) =o)

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