Monday, October 08, 2007

This Weekend

  • We moved the empty filing cabinet from the basement to the garage so that I can go through the 50 or so boxes of paper from my mom's estate.
  • We moved a shelving unit from the basement to the garage and set it where the freezer was, so that we could move the books out of the living room.
  • We moved the Amazon books out of the living room onto aforesaid shelving unit.
  • Moved bunches of boxes of papers off a different shelving unit next to the first shelving unit and put MORE boxes of books on this unit.
  • Moved assorted airplane bits and pieces to basement.
  • Moved assorted ham radio anntenna bits and pieces to basement.
  • Chaos was tremendous help with all this in the garage; Entropy tried real hard, but she just can't lift boxes like this.
  • Threw away about 2 bags of stuff from under the sink on my side of the master bath. (Entropy was great at this.)
  • LH fixed about 5 plumbing problems and cleaned the Jacuzzi tub.
  • Filled the Jacuzzi tub and sat in it for quite a while. (Hmm... next time, candles and a glass of something or another would be nice.)

I found the laundry sink. Rather I knew where it was, I emptied it out and washed some milk crates. I am going to put all the bits of china and stoneware from the garage (after it's washed) into the clean milk crates and get it ready to list on eBay or Freecycle. I'm also going to sort through one box a day from the garage at a minimum -- today it's a box that contains Bibles -- my father's Bible is on top. I anticipate some heartache with this, but it's not a bad ache -- just a melancholy one.

It took the house a long time to get to this state -- and a lot of people's stuff is here. Two of my grandmother's, my grandfather, my mother and father, the LH's mother and his grandfather. A lot of stuff. As important as it is to take care of this (and I have set a deadline of about March or June for myself), it's also important to remember sabbath time. That's why I'm not really blogging on Fridays to Sundays. Friday we are calling a halt to all things that take us away from the house -- and a halt to housework. We are going to just stay at home and enjoy each other's company. I guess from Friday noon or so to Saturday noon is my sabbath.

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