Friday, November 23, 2007

The Baptist View on Blogging, Georgia Style.

It seems that at the annual meeting of the Georgia Baptist Convention earlier in November, a resolution was passed denouncing blogging. From the rhetoric surrounding the resolution, there has been some strife in the Convention that has fueled personal attacks and it appears that the intent of the resolution is unity. However, this is a unity that seems, at the surface, a false unity because it silences voices.

We Methodists have had problems and strife in our own denomination, however vigorous conversation about all things theological and related to church are not discouraged; indeed, they are encouraged. We have this beautiful passage in the Book of Discipline called "Our Theological Task" that I have quoted before.
Our theological task includes the testing, renewal, elaboration, and application of our doctrinal perspective in carrying out our calling "to spread scriptural holiness over these lands."

While the Church considers its doctrinal affirmations a central feature of its identity and restricts official changes to a constitutional process, the Church encourages serious reflection across the theological spectrum.

Uniformity is NOT unity. Unity is when all the differing parts of the Body of Christ (the church) act in concert, in harmony. Vigorous discussion on doctrine does not reduce that harmony. It can only strengthen it, as each part can sing clear and true. This is unity.

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