Thursday, November 01, 2007


  • Yesterday I really pushed to get all the "normal" housework done so that I could sort a few more boxes, but with the result that I'm too sore to move ... Maybe I will do easy sorting of photos and what-not on the kitchen table.
  • Today is November 1. I want to do the NaNoWriMo. I need to put aside time every day for an hour or so of writing. I'm debating at this very moment if I should write on the novel or put down a sermon that is floating around in my head. I'm afraid I don't have time for both.
  • I did take time to download a few items from iStockPhoto, seeing that my credits were going to expire in the next couple of days. I want to also work on a couple of videos to be uploaded to Sermon Spice. There's just not enough time to do it all!
  • And it's that time of year where I try to get all the doctor visits done (at least for a while) -- checkups for everyone! I realized that Entropy hasn't been to the Eye Doctor in quite a while; there is also the orthodontist, dentist, the GP for checkups and more. One checkup a week is about my limit, so I'm going tomorrow. Just more for the family schedule.
  • Speaking of schedules, I've worked hard to get everything on the family schedule in iCal. I've printed out one for the back door and one for the "Family Notebook." If everyone knows what's coming, it seems to reduce stress and anxiety. I'm all about reducing stress and anxiety.
  • I also need to download all my pictures from the camera. The problems with 1 and 2 gig cards is that they take forever to download. I'm lagging way behind in my Project 365.
  • I also am lagging behind in 1) getting my love packages out and 2) listing books on Amazon and 3) eBaying stuff. I've been real good in getting the Amazon packages in the mail, but not real good at listing new books (not that there is a lack of books to list!)
  • Chaos and Entropy both made honor roll this last 9 weeks. Chaos made high honor roll -- straight A's (high A's, too). All I did to reward them was to purchase a dozen donuts. During the 8th grade orchestra concert, the teacher had the high honor roll students stand. It wasn't even one percent of the kids -- about half of the orchestra are honor roll, but only about 4 were high honor roll. And I understand there were only about 10 in the entire grade level (about 800 kids). Maybe she needs a better reward than a dozen donuts....
  • But first is my quiet time -- prayer time -- whatever you want to call it time. Thinking time, maybe. Followed by some non-thinking and just BEing time. First things first.
Postscript. I had a good time handing out Easter eggs last night. I selected only the orange, yellow and green eggs so that they did color coordinate with the theme of the night. I received some really funny looks, but I did tell the few who asked that I liked Easter better -- and I had one kid say "He has Risen" and I automatically answered "He has Risen, indeed." Ha!

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