Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday Bullets

  • I'm listing books on Amazon as fast as I can. I think I came home with about 50 boxes over the weekend. Some are very nice; some are trash. I'm sorting them into three piles; list, trash and give-away. This 50 boxes are in addition to the 20 or so unlisted boxes in the garage -- and the books still on the shelf that I've not removed from the living room. The ones I'm trashing are the ones that have had their covers removed, meaning that they SHOULD have been trashed a long time ago as remainders. I'm also getting rid of all those that are moldy (yuck!) or so water damaged that they are not readable any longer. I'm in the process of giving away all the "current fiction" that really is not worth listing (most of which are "penny books"). The debate is: when I drop them off at the hospital waiting rooms, do I label them "Compliments of XYZ UM Church" -- should I list the church I received them from or the church I currently serve? Or maybe every other one my church and every other one the other church?
  • My NaNoWriMo thing is going slowly -- I'm already behind in verbage (big surprise!) I've tried to get on the website, but the internet is crawling right now...
  • Today is pick-up clean-up day. I am trying to get everything going right now. I wish I knew how to get a clean house with little or no effort. And then put it in a bottle and market it!
  • I'm contemplating the redistribution of "stuff." Along with that is my tendency to hoard certain types of stuff -- books and glass. Techie types of toys. Buttons. I've scads and scads of buttons. Here's a thought: hoarding stuff that others need (not want, but need) is frankly sin. Pure and simple. Just as the kids lust after candy, I've lusted after that perfect first edition, first printing. To what avail? I'm back to the parable of the warehouses again, today... "This is how it will be with anyone who stores up things for himself but is not rich toward God." (Luke 12:21) Your life will be required of you....

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