Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Bullets

  • Johnny the Cat (Cat in Black) is ruining my furniture. He's treating the chairs in the living room as scratching posts. Of course, the cat has a scratching post that I've shown him multiple times, rubbed catnip on and so forth, but the forbidden living room chairs are just so much more attractive. So I'm going to have to get slipcovers -- or make them.
  • I found a set of retail racks on FreeCycle. I've got to get ready to have a garage sale here and an estate sale elsewhere this Spring. I'm aiming for April. I hope we make it.
  • I've recycling to do today and bags to take to Goodwill. Amazon packages to prepare and mail. Books to list. Today will be a "do lots of manual labor" day, not a day of thought and reflection. Although I will admit, without the manual labor days, I don't have much to think about and reflect upon.
  • I do wonder today if I own my possessions or if my possessions own me. To have very little would be liberating. Why do we love things that can't love us back?

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