Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Picture 22 of 365 for 2008 -- Shift in Perspective

This was one of the "decorations" on our Christmas tree this year. Sometime after Christmas, the kids noticed that the tree was covered with hundreds of little baby preying mantis. We left the tree up for a while as their "habitat" and didn't take it outside until it looked as if they finished hatching.

Entropy told us, "God decorated our tree!" This statement is an example of what we call "Entropy-isms." I don't remember all of them. I probably should write them down as they occur. Last year she got in trouble at school when she took her hands and put them on either side of a kid's face and turned it away from her. When asked, she said, "But that's where the noise was coming from." Yesterday, she told me, "I want to live in a trailer park because trailer park kitties are SO BEAUTIFUL."

She has such a different perspective on life. Maybe that's one of the things Jesus meant when he said, "Let the little children come unto me" and "unless you are as a child, you cannot enter into the Kingdom of God." Maybe we need to shift our perspective and not see preying mantis on a Christmas tree as pests to kill with bug spray, but God's own decoration. Maybe we need to not vilify trailer parks as bastions of poverty, but see them as a place where there are really beautiful kitty cats. She honestly believes that those kitties are a blessing. A shift in perspective.

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