Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Bullets

  • My internet is all flakey again today. It's been flakey for a while -- Just found out that I missed some email messages. My ISP was taken over by another company and I knew that there would be some difficulty during the transition, but I really get frustrated by missed email messages. I would switch to an online generic service, but I'm afraid some of those database are a little to open for me -- that they are "search-able." So I'll stick to the flakey service for a while longer and see if it clears up.
  • Because of the flakey service, I dropped out half-way through a lectionary study I was leading on Second Life. I'm sure they understand because others have dropped out halfway through as well, but it just as I was getting to the good part, where I tie it all together in a flash of brilliance. (Not really. But there is always hope for that!)
  • And I also missed my self-imposed deadline for shipping out today's packages; I couldn't get online to get my postage printed out. I guess I'll have to actually go to the Post Office to do it. Haven't done that in weeks.
  • I've received dozens of phone calls today from people soliciting votes for tomorrow. I'm tired of it. Don't call me -- it's guaranteed to backfire on you. I've a list now of people I'm NOT going to vote for.
  • I've started to work again in the garage. I've kept the dishwasher and washer and dryer going today. I'm trying to reclaim two boxes of towels/bedspreads/sheets from my husband's grandparent's house. It's good to see how yellowed and dusty old bedspreads bleach out and clean up so nicely.
  • There was an avalanche in the garage near the books listed on Amazon. It's funny -- I deal with sorting and getting rid of stuff here in the house, sorting and getting rid of stuff in the LH's grandparent's house and sorting and getting rid of stuff at church. Same task; different places. It echoes my own internal "clean-up."

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